Product description

Aqualander is the new benchmark for beach shoes.

Aqualander performance water shoes are the first aquatic shoes designed to: improve foot drive in any style of swimming and allow you to walk, run and dive comfortably.

Aqualander improves swimming sense and performance, maintains the pleasure of natural unfinned swimming and makes you feel like a better swimmer.

Why Aqualander?

Beach swimmers need protective shoes to walk comfortably on pebbles, rocks, rough terrain and protect their feet. They will need to have efficient water drainage, easy maintenance and improve grip if a surfboard is used.

Unfortunately all the sea shoes on the market so far had the serious defect of being a hindrance when swimming, being a brake on the flow of water and canceling the thrust of the feet.

That's why we invented " Aqualander ZEN ": Land water shoes, well adherent to the foot but comfortable for the toes, formed from a single mold of synthetic rubber, equipped with hydrodynamic protrusions and ribs which improve the push of the foot in the water but do not hinder the walking, dot pattern sole with no cracks that can hold sand.

Suitable for:

  • walk on easy terrain,
  • sandy and pebbly beaches,
  • reefs and rocky bottoms,
  • surfing
  • suitable as a boat shoe.

Aqualander is totally innovative!

walk, run, dive and swim better: without interruption..

Aqualander Zen, Italian design. patented, engineered by Aqualander srls in collaboration with Ballop Korea and produced completely MADE IN ITALY by RGE, Loreto -AN- Italy